Would Yelling EVER Accomplish a Positive Result?

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Would Yelling EVER Accomplish a Positvie Result?

In a word NO. I was showing some homes to a Client of mine in the San Dimas, Ca. area near Bonneli park and in La Verne, Ca. Her limit is under $2 Milliion.

I sent her some homes the night before. I told her that they were very similar to the one that she had sent to me for viewing the next day. She had not had a chance to look at the other Listings. However, she DID want to see these 3 other homes in the area.


When we met at the first home, I showed her the other Listings. She said that she liked two and wanted to see them. The third, she said "was not her style." Wanting to be courteous, I called the Listing Agent to let him know that my Client was not interested in this particular home and would not be seeing it after all. This was an hour and a half notice.


This Listing Agent YELLED "Why aren't you going to show it?" Assuming that he had a terrible day, I ignored his volume and said that the Buyer had changed her mind and that it was not her style. He RAISED his voice even more saying that she should come ANYWAYS. I politely said that she had every right to cancel and hung up.

I hate cancellations as much as the next guy. However, YELLING and INSISTING that we see a property that she doesn't like? I think NOT.


What would you have done? Just curious.



Best Of Luck To You All,

Mark Velasco-Southern California Realtor (LA County)


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Deborah Byron Leffler BzyBee Real Estate Lady!
Keller Williams Realty Boise - Nampa, ID

I think you did just fine....anytime an agent calls to canx an appointment ...especially with that much notice...I see as a bonus!  I think that agents are all getting so much pressure...financially and from thier clients that they take out their frustration on whoever they can reach first!  

Makes you want to do a deal with that person next time doesn't it???  WOW!!!

Jun 03, 2010 08:31 PM