To Go or Not To Go . . .

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To go or not to go . . . it's a question asked in a multitude of situations when your personal life is intermingled with your professional life.  At some point, most, will be faced with the decision . . . to go or not to go.

Whether your self-employed or have spent years with the same employer, it's likely you've asked yourself, "why should I say" or "why should I go".  It's a frightful decision entangled with questions of loyalty, financial sustainability, reputation and pure chance.  If you're questioning your position, there's a reason, and it's a question that deserves thought and answer.

Keeping in mind I'm not a business psychologist by any means, I thought I'd share a few OPINIONS based strictly upon my 20 years as a self-employed business owner.

The reasons to "not worry - be happy" . . .
Are you upset over water-cooler gossip or office drama?  That's easy, stay out of it and stay at your job.  Don't participate, get involved and try to solve other people's problems - simply refer them to a professional.  Have you lost a big account and fear you'll be fired over it or eventually anyway?  That's weak, buck up and get a new account.  If you live in fear, you'll never live.

The reasons to really consider whether it's you or them . . .
Are you unable to spend enough time with your family because work is in the way?  Do you feel you've reached your limits of salary increase - or - that the commission structure is unfair?  In these situations, I reccommend approaching your leadership and come to an amicable arrangement.  If one can't be reached, it's ultimately your decision whether it's going to continue to be your problem - or theirs.  If you're self-employed - shame on you - it's you!

The reasons to not let the door hit you in the butt on the way out . . .
If your integrity is or has been placed at risk . . . no fault of your own actions . . . LEAVE AND FIX THE MISTAKE!   Especially in reputation driven careers - like mine - you can't afford to have someone elses actions negatively affect your integrity or your bottom line!  Do you feel guilty that if you leave to take a better position that betters the life of yourself and ultimately your family, your employer won't be able to sustain his own business?  Your loyalty is admirable - but when it really comes down to it - was it your decision to own a business and take on the liability of success or failure or was it theirs?  Regardless, improve your standards of living before you improve theirs.

So - are you staying or are you going?
~ L

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Ellen Caruso
Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty - Glen Head, NY

Lisa Its nice to see someone with an opinion, and a voice, say it like you mean it!

I'm doing the same as I write a novel to come out within the year!


Jun 04, 2010 12:10 PM
Rafeeq Ahmed
Islamic Banker, UIF, 682-500-4615 - Granbury, TX
Customer Satisfaction

Nice posts, it is not going to help you if worry about the past . As you said buck up and get a new account.

Aug 13, 2012 04:09 PM