Winning The Listing Every Time

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Always like to learn new ways - or even refresh the knowledge we have - Active Rain University here I come!


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Winning The Listing Every Time

Are you tired or frustrated of not listing all of the properties that you go out to and complete a market analysis on?  Is the effort you're putting into your presentations and CMA's paying off?  What is your success ratio at getting every listing you go after?  Well the facts are that it's probably unlikely that you are sealing the deal on every single one, but is it possible that there is room for improvement in your numbers and in this market?  

We think there is!  Every agent has their own style, their own approach, and through their own experience, knows what works and doesn't work for them.  It doesn't matter if you're new to the Industry or if you've been doing this for 30 years, there's always something new to learn in this business.  If you can, join us next week for "Winning the Listing Everytime" as TOP Real Estate Coach Jared James will show you the potential and also share with you the following:

What You're Guaranteed To Learn

*How he managed to have a 92% closing ratio on all listing appointments when he was a full-time Realtor
*The step by step process that a great CMA should include
*Why CMA success is in the details and what those details are
*What mistakes the majority of agents are making on every listing appointment
*How to turn a seller into an advocate
*How to overcome the common objections that almost every seller will have
*How to drastically increase your closing percentage by using the template that he created specifically for Realtors.

As an added bonus for attending this class, every agent is going to receive the CMA Template that Jared created and will share in this class for FREE!  That alone is worth the FREE price of admission.
This will be a fantastic "Power Packed" hour you won't want to miss. We're Limited to ONLY 1000 seats, so register now!


Monday - June 7, 2010
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM PDT

About Jared:
One of Jared's passions has always been to not only succeed but to help others experience success as well. With the help of his debut best-selling book, Jared is now one of the most sought after coaches and speakers in the country. In addition to his speaking engagements, he uses webinars, teleconferences, courses, and his book to equip people on how to make their Real Estate Businesses work for them.

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