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I am here in beautiful Southern California in a gorgeous setting amongst blue sky, pine trees, lakeside activity and only an hour away from many of the larger cities including Los Angeles and Orange County. My town's name is Lake Arrowhead, situated in the the San Bernardino Mountains above San Bernardino and Redlands, California.

It is hard to believe that someone can actually spend most of their life living in an area of which offers everything that most people work their entire lives to hopefully get to.  But this is my reality.  As I drove to my office today here in the village I took in the views of the lake, the trees, the clean crisp smell of untainted air and realized how lucky I really am, as are my grown children, and their children to be living this early version of retirement with benefits. (benefits meaning...being paid to live in this lifestyle).

As I blog about Lake Arrowhead, I would so love to know how many of you out there have been here, heard of Lake Arrowhead or not heard of Lake Arrowhead.  It is facinating to me to find out what other people's take is on our community and why not everyone lives here.  Given the choice of living in areas with traffic, smog, etc., vs. quite the opposite.   Is it the snow in Lake Arrowhead that detours more full time people? It can't be the clean air, green trees, and blue sky...or is it?

Perhaps we are so conditioned to how we were raised as youngsters that we just are repeating the same life style but then that gets into a whole entire other subject.  Please check out our site and please respond to what you think living in Lake Arrowhead is all about. Seriously, I think it would make for an interesting study.  Visit and then let us know your thoughts.



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