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Many times we create a blog thinking it is going to promote whatever our goal was to create the blog.

Blogging has to be informative and create content that brings people back or you blog.  If not your blog will die a natural death with no following or readership.

Blogging can be more or less influential toward your goal depending on your direction.  Professional blogs such as ActiveRain offer a unique opportunity.  The chance to expose your skills in whatever discipline you have registered.  The opportunity to also share your personality through your words and posts.

Unlike a journal that is personal and private, blogging is viewed by the world...your audience.  How you prepare your new world with information about you or your skills will determine your success in achieving yourWaiting to Hear from you! goal.


  • Professional blogs can be informative concerning specific subjects.  Take mine for example I blend more real estate into my blog because I sell real estate, simple straight forward.
  • Professional blogs can add local and regional knowledge to create an expert position within a marketplace.
  • Professional blogs can add clients and referral customers by doing features on other businesses within your marketplace.
  • Professional blogs can be humanized by sharing some of your own hobbies and recreational experiences increasing your knowledge of the area and attracting like minded clients.
  • Professional blogs can incorporate timely events with the impact it will have on a local or regional economy.  In my case the buying or selling of homes, investment properties and small business.
You can see blogs can be as varied as you want them to be.  One thing many create relationships with people you have never met.  I started blogging full time in 2006.  I now have over 6 full time blogs that generate leads everyday.  I have multiple websites and was one of the first Realtors(R) in my area to have a real estate website in 1999 that included photos and a virtual slide show.

I now have agents and brokers all over the nation that I communicate with through my blogs and websites.  I also generate direct contacts from buyers and sellers because of these blogging methods.

Blogging takes time like anything else.  If you block off time and do it on a regular basis you'll create a blog voice...that untouchable personality of the "blogosphere" (my new word) that is yours alone.  The reason people read what you write and call you when they need help.  Create your sphere of influence with your blog.

I have shared very important real estate information, specific ideas and thoughts concerning market trends for my marketing area.   I have mixed in statistics, local and regional business information and personal information that impacts us all at one point or another in our lives.  All creating a "blogosphere" voice, personalizing my blogs, creating relationships.

Blog to enjoy, inform and promote and what yourself grow while improving your business and generate valuable relationships with people you are likely to never meet! 

Hope this helps you increase your readership, add relationships and have some fun at the same time.

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