The Chimney Professional: What Certifications are out there?

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I have seen the phrase "certified chimney professional" mentioned on this site and want to give clarity to the subject.


Currently, the chimney industry has 3 phases of certifications:

The Chimney Sweep or Chimney Sweep Technician

The Chimney Inspector

The Installer (hearth Appliances)

All of these require a certain level of committment to the area in which one is being certified.  The best way to have a full understanding of a chimney to obtain more than one certification. 

Always verify someone credentials, it takes just a few seconds on the internet. 

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Bill Ryan

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Fireplace Investigation Research and Education Certified Fireplace and Chimney Inspector # FP-089

International Association of Fireplace and Inspectors Certified Professional Chimney Inspector # CPI-002

National Fireplace Institute Certifed Specialist in Wood and Gas

Residential and Commercial Structures ICC/NJ Certified Building Inspector (license pending)


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Lori Liveston
Virtual Homes, Real Estate - Waltham, MA

William - Thanks for clarifying!

Jun 06, 2010 01:49 PM