Rituals Run Your Life

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If you want to look at a person's life, look at a person's rituals! Rituals are patterns we do over and over until so wired in our body and nervous systems that we don't even recognize it, we just are at the effect of them! What are your rituals, the rituals that empower you as well as disable you, the ones that at a conscious level you know you have, yet at an unconscious level, you are just at the effect? What you do with your day are your rituals!  What you say to yourself are your rituals! How you respond to life and things are your rituals! How you listen are your rituals!  How you speak are your rituals!  Are you a committed speaker and listener or do you listen and speak from there? Those that consistently use the word "Try", I "Got" are not committed speakers as they are speaking from "There," as their automated rituals take them there! What are you saying to yourself automatically, the unconscious conversation, the conversations that run and direct 88% of your life? Are your unconscious conversations to yourself limiting?  Or are you operating out of pure possibilities and encouragement? The first key to shifting your rituals is to become conscious, aware, and present to them as most are simply unaware and unconscious not only to their rituals, yet to their own life! Getting off automatic in your life is the major "Key" to your own success, as mentioned your rituals are your life.  Empowering rituals are patterns as well as disempowering rituals, look at some of yours!


 Sample Rituals

1) Up early or Late ( Late to bed, early to rise, until you earn enough money to do otherwise)


2) Healthy breakfast, unhealthy breakfast, or no breakfast (Breakfast, most important meal of the day, some were told otherwise, what were you taught?)


3) Gym or no Gym, ( What's your automated conversation in this area, "I'll go tomorrow, running late, I'll go tonight, yet tonight runs late, as always!


4) Car listening (University on Wheels!) 15 minutes of success on audio, morning drive and 15 minutes evening drive, 30 minutes a day or 15 hours a month or 185 hours a year, remember we become that which we study, study success on your way!  Your way to the top, I got it, we'll call it, "Study your way to the top!" Study yourself, study your clients, study your industry, study your competition, plain simple! Do not be caught not studying, that would make us ignorant, if I do not study a client I would be ignorant of my clients wounds and wants and being ignorant of our clients wounds and wants just isn't effective and we are committed to being effective, we'll call it being an, "Effective human being!" 


5) Office Time: What are your office rituals, the things you do when you arrive? Who do you talk and communicate with automatically, the safe bet? Where and what do you spend your time while there? Are you doing highend or lowend "Stuff," the safe bet! Are you sitting or standing while communicating, are you putting yourself in proper state before entering into communication or are you "Hoping" that you are already there? Are you doing the easy stuff first and the hard stuff "Later," knowing that later rarely comes!


6) Prospecting (The more you make the more you make, simple, no equation!) Do you have an empowering conversation that moves you to prospect, do you make prospecting fun, do you make it game or do have the mindset that again says, "No time?" "I'll Get to it tomorrow?" "I was just out there?" "Too many people are already out there?" What's yours?


7) Reading ( Those that do not read are no better than those that cannot read! Readers are leaders!  Jim Rohn says, "Miss a meal, do not miss your reading") You do not have to read a book a day, just 10 pages a day as 10 pages a day will traditionally allow you to read about 1.5 books per month and that's 18 books a year.  Some will choose not to read because they think they have to read the whole book right now, others know better, some of the book today, some tomorrow and some the next day and the next day until done. 


8) Journal ( Master motivator once said that, "If your life is worth living then it's worth recording!") What your automated ritual say, "Tomorrow, sometime, later, why bother, too much trouble?" Takes just some of your time, not all your time, put some time into recording your life, the good and the bad!


9) Relationships (The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships!) At the end this is all we have!


10) Bedtime ( Are you visualizing your next day, your future, are you putting yourself into a deep powerful place for optimum rest?  It's not how long you sleep, it's how deep you sleep!  It's not how long you are in a relationship rather how deep that relationship is, it's not how long you live, yet it's, how you live! How you live, are you rituals!



The bottom line is to recreate your life in such a powerful way that the day to day rituals you are operating from are rituals that you can be proud of, rituals that inspire you and send a great message to the world about who you are and what you are up to, period!

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