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Mortgage and Lending with Credit Card Relief

CCR Services has put together a turnkey system that allows you to start offering debt settlement services to your clients in days. This system is designed to run side-by-side with your existing company. CCR provides all the required backend services to support your sales operation and business objectives. Our focus is on providing the very best customer service and settlement experience for your customers. Your customers are your gauge of success. If they are happy, we have done our job. We will do everything within our power to ensure your business flourishes.

Here are just a few key components that separate CCR from the competition:

· Highest Commissions In The Industry - No Startup Fees, No Volume Requirements


· 100% Web Based - Our proprietary system is the most technologically advanced system available. We will provide you with our software. Everything is web-based. You will not have to generate any contracts. The client will have the ability to sign everything online. This cannot get any easier.


· Daily Payouts - You do not have to wait for your commissions. That is why you get paid daily.


· Lowest Fees - Our monthly fees start as low as $29


· Attorney Services in 49 States - We have physical representation by licensed attorneys in good standing in all 49 states we cover. Please do not be fooled by other back end service providers claiming they have a network covering all states.


· Bankruptcy Services - Increase your market capture by offering bankruptcy to those clients who do not want debt settlement. Also, if a client decides to cancel their debt settlement program, you can still make your commission.


· 24/7 Customer Service - Our dedicated customer service department will contact clients typically four times per month. This ensures the highest customer retention.

This service is available to those who wish to do debt settlement the right way and want to align themselves with a reputable company with a track record of proven results.

Contact us today to find out how you can provide your clients with the services they need and how you can attain explosive income.

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