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Spring Is Here!!

Well the sun is shining again.  We had a very hard winter and a very cold, rainy spring.  Our unusual temperatures are what some are saying was normal 30 years ago. I don't know about that.  All I can say is it was a tough one and with all the moisture I have never seen the fields so gorgeous.

It looks like my grape plants are coming up finally but the lavender didn't do so well (its not really supposed to grow here at all).  I finally cut the three varieties of rhubarb I am growing at the farm.  They are all delicious. 

Be careful if you have horses though.  The amount of rain and now the sun has caused several horses to founder.  Typically there is not enough sugar in the grass to founder a horse, but this year is not that way.  I know my horses are back in the paddocks on diets to prevent that. 

We look forward to spending time at the Gibson Park and the River's Edge trail system this summer.  The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center has lots of activities for children too and Giant Springs State Park is a great place to see the trout farm and albino fish.

As far as a gardening zone, I think that we are back to a zone 3 for the most part.  There are some parts of the city that might be classified a zone 4.  It is the 35 below zero that bumps my farm down a zone. 

The farmers market is up and running and was a welcome sight.  It was packed last weekend and I bought some rhubarb jam that was delicious.  They even have pony rides for the children.

Have a great safe summer!!!!


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