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Today is my youngest son's birthday.  It is hard to believe how fast time flies and I told him today that he was adopted as an older child, since there is NO WAY that I could have a son this old...LOL

I have 2 sons and they couldn't be more different .  My oldest son is rather conservative, holds a traditional managerial job, has a beautiful young family (blessed me with 2 lovely grandchildren), owns a home, loves football and golf .. . . you get the picture.

My younger son is the artist, graphic designer, writer (writes for a variety of music magazines), is an accomplished bassist and has his own band that went on their first major tour this past January.  He's married to a lovely gal and they are both into nature, are vegans and really are not that interested in accumulating material things, love animals and have blessed us with two "grand cats!"  His one nod to more traditional lifestyle is that he is a very good businessman and works for several record promotion companies.

My husband and I often laugh at how 2 people raised by the same parents could be so diverse.  However, we are really proud of both of their accomplishments and the fact that they have turned out to be such really "GOOD GUYS!"


2 boys - one violinist - one ball player

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Earlene Myers
Fleming Island, FL
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Hi Corrine, Thanks for stopping by and  your comment.

I think we as parents always think of our kids "as young" and for some reason, today's younger generation (my kids included), do seem to take a bit longer to mature than we did. 

Enjoy your family and have a great day!

Jun 10, 2010 07:49 AM