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Naples Florida Real Estate Trends

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Here are the latest Naples, Florida real estate trends occurring. 

Inventory requests - There are some areas where inventory is scarce or nonexistent.  During the last few years, inventories had been on the rise, and there was plenty to choose from in nearly every location.  Over the last few days, there have been several instances where agents have sent company-wide emails asking for pocket listings in various locations because there wasn't real estate inventory. 

This is a new New Naples, Florida trend, and some Naples, Florida property owners sitting on the sidelines to wait for a better market might find now a good time to jump in.  The law of supply and demand is in your favor when inventories are low as a seller, so if you are located in an area with limited inventory, call me and let's work on getting your property sold.  If you don't know how your neighborhood is performing, call me.  I'd be happy to fill you in.

Not All The Best Deals Have Sold But... -  After doing several searches for my current customer base, I'm finding several locations where the best deal out there was something already under contract or recently sold. This Naples real estate trend could suggest property prices are on a slight rise, especially if current sellers are not going to sell for considerably less than the current list price in some circumstances.   More importantly, is the fact that buyer behavior has shifted compared to a year ago buyers expected to be the ones to purchase the lowest-priced/best-valued property.  My experience is buyers are still cautious and diligent, but being the biggest winner isn't required to get the deal done. 

Buyers, take note! If you are looking for the thrill of a kill, your window of opportunity could be closing with shrinking inventories.

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