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The Chinese Drywall Connection

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The Chinese Drywall Connection.

One of the many issues homeowners need to be aware of is the recent incidents of drywall contamination which has plagued the construction and housing industries. Many homeowners in the Gulf region have suffered great financial loss due to contaminated drywall installed in their homes.

The drywall came from China. Shamefully, a good portion of the victims were rebuilding after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Even Sean Payton, Head Coach of the World Champion New Orleans Saints, suffered a loss.

Many civil cases have been filed and litigation is ongoing. 

Symptoms of drywall contamination:

•1.       Strong Sulfur smell (similar to rotten eggs) however, in cooler climates, contaminated homes have been found not to smell

•2.       Corrosion on metal faucets, drains, mirrors, picture frames, jewelry, etc. Check for pitting, dark spots, or dark discoloration

•3.       Check copper for discoloration and darkening. Hint: Check copper piping around your water heater

•4.       Check Appliances. Televisions, air condition units and refrigerators may stop working or work poorly if you have contaminated drywall in your home.

If you find your home has contaminated drywall you should seek legal advice from an attorney.


Recommended remediation for drywall

* Replacement of all drywall in the home;
* Replacement of all electrical wiring (insulated and uninsulated);
* Replacement of all copper pipes;
* Replacement of the entire HVAC system;
* Replacement of most appliances (particularly refrigerators);
* Replacement of electronics, such as TVs and computers;
* Replacement of all carpeting;
* Replacement of hardwood and vinyl flooring;
* Replacement of tile floor unless it can be protected during remediation;
* Replacement of cabinets, countertops, trim, molding and baseboards;
* Replacement of all bathroom fixtures;
* After removal of all drywall, properties must be cleaned with HEPA
vacuum, we-wiped or power-washed, and aired out for 15-30 days; and
* Property should be certified by an independent engineering company to
certify that the remediated home is safe.

*Personal property  (such as mattresses and other porous material) may be contaminated.


As you can see, this can be a very expensive undertaking. Remember if you find you have drywall contamination you should consult an attorney.


You can find more extensive information regarding contaminated drywall by following this link:



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