A Response to "Please Remove My Home From The Internet"

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In response to "Please Remove My Home From The Internet" by Norma Toering:



There are several issues with this one simple request. First, we ARE responsible for removing advertisings that we place. Houses that were offered "for sale" should now be "sold". That is our responsibility.

Second, when we syndicate listings out, we should be aware of what the syndication terms of service are. For example, two common syndicate sites, Postlets and Vflyer, have very different terms of service. 


From their website: "By submitting content, you are granting Postlets a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocal license, with the right to grant sublicenses, to use, copy, modify, display, and distribute the content ... You understand that Postlets does not control, and is not responsible for content made available through its service. ... Postlets shall have the right (but not the obligation) in its sole discretion to refuse, delete, or move any content for any reason."

On the other hand, vflyer says:

"you shall remain the sole owner of all customer data. However, in order to provide you the service,..., vflyer does need a license from you to use the customer data. ... Our contractors and service providers may also need to access your customer data in order to maintain operation of the service. Therefore, to enable vflyer to provide you the service, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, you hereby grant to vflyer a non-exclusive right to use, copy distribute and display such customer data and sublicense such rights, sole in connection with vflyers operation of the service on your behalf. "

I am not an attorney but these two terms of service agreements are drastically different. My opinion is that with Postlets, you are giving them a perpetual license to use it however they see fit!!

With vflyer, you are giving them a license to display the information to help you out. But, you retain control.

I have stopped using Postlets for this very reason. They want to take ownership of your information and they will / may distribute it all over the internet, but they don't want the responsibility of taking the information down. 

Vflyer seems to operate the opposite. You are giving them a license (not a perpetual license) to display the information, but you retain control (non-exclusive right). When you remove the data, it comes off the other websites, or at least it seems to. 

I just checked on a house that I had listed last fall and the only site that it was still on was my activerain blog. My bad. I forgot to remove that blog post. But on zillow, it comes up as a recent sold. It is nowhere else to be found via google. 

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