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Marketing can be expensive!  So what gives the Real Estate Agent the best bang for the buck and for your time?

#1 Business Cards - A must!  This one is obvious but it is not so simple as you may think.  What is on your business card?  Have you seen some of those really catchy business cards on the counters of those vacant listings when showing property to your clients?  I have, but 90% of the business cards I see are nothing special.  Where do business cards go after you pass them out?  I don't know the statistic, but my best guess is that most of them go into the trash bin or get lost etc...  It is a numbers game, but how can we mitigate this?  What do you do that gives you the edge over your competition?  Learning how to design your own business card would be a good start.  Learning Photoshop for example would allow the agent to not only put their own spin on their business card, but save money!  Something to think about....

#2 Website - Same goes, I think if the agent can design and modify their own website, it is a bonus.  Domain names are cheap and websites are very inexpensive to host.  Also, programs such as Dreamweaver or other web design programs, along with Photoshop would benefit the agent.

#3 IDX - Another must!  If you have a website and if your broker allows agents to have IDX, get it!  Though, there are many IDX companies, so ensure you are getting something useful.  Ask around to see what others are using in your area, do some research to find the best one for the best price.

#4 Social Media - Agents like and dislike social media.  I can see both sides to the argument.  I'm not sure it is essential.  What do you think?  What is the ratio for hours/closed transactions?  Is it worth your time?  I was not sold on Social Media, but I am warming up to it.  It is free.... Other than the time put in.  To me, that is $$  What do you think about this growing trend?

In my opinion these are the top 4 that should be included in the modern day Marketing Strategy.


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Ron T. Weems Jr.
Weems Property Group | KW North Sound - Bothell, WA
Managing the details one home at a time.


I agree to a point. Most agents that start out in this business don't have a lot of money to start, What would you suggest they start to do first? Just picking your brain. 

Jun 10, 2010 08:03 PM
David North
Coldwell Banker Bain - Duvall, WA
for a rewarding real estate experience

Keith, these are each valuable pieces.  I know of some specific cases where one or more of these simply don't fit the agent for legitimate reasons, and those agents tend to have some other unique marketing tool that fits them better, but not most of the rest of us.  But I agree that for the vast majority, at least most of these are important.

Jun 10, 2010 08:06 PM
Harry Logan
RE/MAX executives realty - Winnipeg, MB
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Hi Keith: I am in the middle of putting together a new business card so I was wondering if you could elaborate on what makes a good business card. How do we stand out from the competition and add value to our business card to make sure it stays in their wallet and not in the garbage can?

Jun 10, 2010 08:09 PM
Keith Bennett
Premier Mortgage & Real Estate - Santee, CA


Great Question. It is interesting to me that many companies have a standard format and that most agents simply use that standard format.

First, I do use Photoshop and I love to be creative.  I enjoy technology and using it to better how I conduct business.  Though, business cards have been around for ages, I think they can be improved upon.

I think it is important to think outside the box a little on this one.  Not everyone will like this idea, but I love it!  What if you scrapped all your business cards?  What, no business cards!?  Yea, sure why not.  Lets explore another idea.  Perhaps this is not a new idea, but I bet "almost" no one is doing this.  When it is time to order business cards, just buy pens.  Have all your information on this pen.  This is your new business card.  I promise you that no one will ever through your business card away again!  It may be lost, it may be stolen even, but it will never be lost.  Somewhere out there, it will always be in someones hand.  This may be a little more expensive, sure, but if it leads you to one closed contract, even just that one, it was worth it.  Of course one could use this in addition to business cards, but I think that it could effectively be used vice business cards.  What do you think about this?

Another idea that is more cost effective, would be to design your own card.  Do you do loans also?  If so, you could place some helpful information on the back of the card.  For example, what items does your client need to bring to their pre-approval appointment?  Many buisness cards I see are blank on the back.  Why!?!  No!!  You can have 2 business cards in one!  Spend the extra few cents, and get something on the back!  Another example is to place your web address on the back of the card, if you have IDX, this may bring clients to come search your site for listings.  It has worked for me.

There are some other ideas such as baseball schedules printed on the back of your business card for those who are into sports.

Does anyone have any other ideas for Harry?


Jun 11, 2010 07:08 AM
Keith Bennett
Premier Mortgage & Real Estate - Santee, CA


I agree Ron, money can be an issue for new agents.  I suggest they design their own card, or try to learn how.  It can be done by anyone.  Most community colleges have classes that focus on teaching students how to these design/paint software programs.

Other than business cards, they need to have a website and a personal email address.  I cannot stress the personal email address enough!  This is important because if the agent ever moves brokers, they need to take their email address with them.  The cost of domain names for websites, hosting that website, and a free email address cost effective.

IDX may not be something a new agent is willing to shell out money for since the costs involved are higher.  Though, this is helpful, it is not essential for a new agent.

Bottom Line: A new agent with any business card "can make it happen."  I think there are some ways to boost these tools to our advantage though.  Thanks for your question.

Jun 11, 2010 07:17 AM