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Like most folks, who have a home, sometimes things aren't perfect and part of home ownership is repair.  When we purchased our house a couple of years ago, I really loved the house everything about it was almost perfect except it had a long skinny crack over the doorway leading into the hallway.  I could have asked the sellers to repair the crack, but I felt we had asked them for too much already, including the amount we asked them to come down on the price.   It was just a little crack, something we could do without too much trouble. 

We bought the house and were very cozy in our little home.  I began to notice though that sometimes when I was in my bedroom and someone walked in through the front door that I would hear like a little whooshing sound.  It begin to annoy me in time and I couldn't figure out what was causing it and to be honest with you I didn't try too hard and what was weird no one else seemed to hear it.  Anyway after about a year it really began to bother me and I began to suspect that skinny crack over the door. I had been waiting until I had the time to paint the living room and dining room before I repaired it.  I'm the painter in the house. I'm such a stickler for perfection in painting, my husband has given up trying to meet my standards, so he has opted out of the interior painting process.   I thought I'd just go ahead and fill in the crack to see if that annoying whooshing sound would go away.  So I headed down to Lowes to buy some spackle.  I hate spackling anything because it is such a hassle to sand it down smooth so it looks good, and when you paint over it it never looks good.  I guess my spacke skills leave much to be desired.

I drove down to Lowes and headed to the paint section. I'm standing there in front of all the spackle stuff.  They had all kinds of spackle and spackle-like stuff there.  They had stuff for huge cracks, stuff for skinny long cracks, stuff to spray on, stuff to put on with a putty knive, etc.  I grabbed the can of spray on stuff, maybe if I used this I could avoid all the sanding, I thought.  I'm reading the tiny little print instruction on the can or trying to anyway because I forgot my reading glasses.  I hear a voice behind me...."Can I help you, ma'm?  I of course, answer in with the regular shopper answer "No thanks, just looking."  Then I think, maybe he can help so I quickly turn and holding the spackle product spray can in my hand.  I say " Excuse me, sir, does this stuff work?"  He's a guy, looks to be in his forties with a slightly balding head and he has a little smirky grin on his face. "What are you going to do with it?"  I shook the can slightly, " I have a skinny long crack over my doorway in the living room and I want to fill it in." 

He smiled, "Hmmm....sounds like a stress crack or settling crack.  I wouldn't suggest you use that spray product."  

I was curious about the spray spackle stuff.  "Do a lot of people buy this, do you know of anyone who has used it and liked it?"  

Shaking his head slightly, he said "I take it you own your home?" 

I nodded my head "Yes and I have a crackin my wall that I need to cover."

"I was a painter for over 20 see all of this stuff here he pointed in the direction of the spackle stuff, this is stuff that homeowners like you use, but I can tell you what I as a professional painter would use." He pointed to a small tub of wallboard joint compound and he grabbed a small 3"-4" self -adhering roll of mesh. "You just place this mesh over the crack and then you use a putty knife and apply this compound over the crack.  It's thinner than spackle so it will spread evenly and it is easy to sand.  This is what I as a professional painter would use." 

I didn't think twice I grabbed both items and headed home.  I couldn't wait to see if he was correct, so I climbed on a ladder and cut the mesh to the length of the crack.  It wasn't super sticky and it stuck right to the wall but yet I could reposition it if I wanted.  I then opened the joint compound and I applied it to the wall, it went on exactly like he said, it kind of flowed on and it didn't look like spackle at all.  I didn't have to work hard to get it to be smooth because it was smooth.   I waited for it to dry and it looked great dry, with a little bit of sanding, you couldn't even tell there had been a crack on the wall. I have a white wall so the repair wasn't obvious.  I couldn't wait to show it to my husband.  He was impressed with my wall crack repair skills. 

Anyway, the whooshing sound is gone and my wall looks good.  I can just say I lucked out that the ex-painter sales person happened to be there that day because I learned something very valuable from him.   I believe this is a very valuable home repair tip to pass on from a homeowner, who is not a professional painter.


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Sally K. & David L. Hanson
EXP Realty 414-525-0563 - Brookfield, WI
WI Real Estate Agents - Luxury - Divorce

 We  had a seller once who proudly reported he had covered the cracks with toothpaste...ewwww...glad you found a product that worked !

Jun 11, 2010 02:00 AM
Virginia Juarez
Top Flite Financial Inc. - Brandon, MS

Your are so right ewwww..... thanks for your comment.

Jun 11, 2010 02:21 AM
David Okada
Douglas Elliman Real Estate - Manhattan, NY
Service-Beyond Your Expectations


While I was working on my mother's condo I noticed a long crack along the wall. After chipping away at the crack I found the tape you mentioned and underneath was another larger crack that eventually I filled with the spackle compound in layers with a large putty tool and then sanded smooth when the compound was dry. I painted over this and so far no cracks are appearing. I feel you take the extra time if you can, to repair it yourself instead of putting a cover over the crack. Only my opinion of course.

Jun 11, 2010 03:21 AM
Virginia Juarez
Top Flite Financial Inc. - Brandon, MS

David- Your mother had a large crack.  The crack on my wall was a very thin crack and the compound filled it in very nicely.  The sales person said the mesh was just to keep the crack from becoming any larger.  Thanks for the information, though and I appreciate your comment.

Jun 11, 2010 06:23 AM