Anderson Island - Where Life is Sweet

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Anderson island is just a 20 minute ferry ride away from Steilacoom, WA, yet it's a world apart.

As the ferry slips from the mainland, and the sight of Mount Rainier moves into the distance, the Island visitor leaves behind the hustle and bustle of city life and enters Island Life, where the only schedule that's important is the ferry schedule, and where there are no traffic congestion or parking problems.

On the Island, time seems to have stood still and the atmosphere harkens back to an era where neighborliness was an important virtue, when people knew one another, where children could roam free on their bikes, where all the news where to be had at the general store, and the most pressing trouble was keeping the deer out of the vegetable garden.

This Island is so incredibly charming that my family spends time there every year during summer vacation. Friends who have come to see us at the island in the past, look forward to our annual stay, so they have an excuse to visit the Island and get away.

Although the island is small, there is lots do do there: We enjoy kayaking, going to the ol' swimming hole, going fishing, crabbing, beach combing, playing tennis, playing golf, playing badminton, riding our bicycles, getting coffee at the island's only coffee shop, visiting the Johnson Farm Museum, going to one of the many parks, stopping by the community garden to pick up fresh vegetables, or walking to the General Store to get ice cream and the daily news.



We rent a vacation home every year, and on rainy days we stay inside to play games, rent an old movie at the General Store, or we go out to eat the the Riviera Country Club restaurant.

If you plan on visiting to check out life on the island, you can get ferry information here:

To find vacation rentals check here:

I feel like I'm spilling a secret, because if many people find out about this island treasure, they might all want to move there. Luckily not everyone can handle the island life in regard to being dependent on the ferry to get to the mainland for jobs, events, or shopping.

For those, inclined to settle on the island, the good news is that Vacant land lots on Anderson Island can be bought for as low as $4,000 and homes start under $150K. Even the real estate prices harken back to a different era.

Sandy Nelson, Realtor®

Our community is important to me. I take pride in our beautiful locality, and our quality of life.

Feel free to contact me for questions about local attractions, events, or real estate information.




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