Renting is Fast Becoming an Alternative to Buying after a Short Sale

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Many folks are choosing to rent instead of buy for various reasons in this market especially after doing a Short Sale.  Many real estate companys however, don't make it a point to carry a large inventory of rentals, if they do them at all.  Rentals can be a great benefit to sales agents who find themselves waiting longer for properties to close and a wonderful way to earn monthly income doing rentals.  So the next time someone asks to do have anything to rent?  Why not call upon a few expires and see if perhaps you could add some rental inventory to your real estate listings and take that check to the bank!


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Kris Fox
Fox Real Estate - Rockport, MA

Thanks for your comment Michael!

Depending on location and price point even 3 to 4 rentals a month quickly add up to K's and would definately help out some agents' bottom line.  Then there is the question of "need" for the consumer, and doesn't it make sense in order to better serve all of our clients we should be acclimated with rentals as well?

Jun 13, 2010 12:16 AM
David Obbee - Agoura Hills, CA

Kris: I think that's a great idea- In this economy, particularly, it's important to look for new sources of business.  Thanks for sharing!  :)

Jun 13, 2010 02:10 AM