Middleton Idaho New Subdivisions

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Middleton New Entry Level Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Falcon Valley Subdivision
 S of Purple Sage & E of Hartley
 South of Hwy 44 and E of Duff Lane
 Off Purplesage E of Kingsbury
1 $40k  
Nottingham Greens Subdivision
 Off Cemetery Rd N of Hwy 44
 0.16±    $165k
Sherwood Estates
 from Emmett Hwy, Eon Galloway, N on Gail


Middleton New Move-Up Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices


Butterfly Ridge Subdivision
 On Wagner Rd, S of Sand Hollow (W of Hwy 30)
2.7- 3.7  $69k  
Desert Pine Estates
1.0- 1.56 $39k- $74k $242k
The Estates at Meadow Park
 North of Wilis off Cemetery
0.48- 0.56 $45k- $89k  
Fox Ridge Estates     $249
Kennedy Meadows Subdivision
Off Middleton Rd S of Foothill
0.19- 0.25  $69k  
Westwood Subdivision
 3rd & Cemetery
0.2- 0.6  $58k- $75k  


Middleton New Upgrade Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Del Rosario
 S of Willis Rd, W of Hartley
2 $89k- $145k  
Moon Shadow
 off Duff Lane
1.06 $68k- $94k  
Star Gazers Subdivision
N of Hollow Rd & W of Harvey Rd
2.5- 5   $90k  

West Highlands Ranch
Willis Rd & Highlands Parkway

Willow Creek Ranch Estates 
Off Lansing Ln N of Purple Sage Rd
1.45+-     $369k


Middleton New Luxury Subdivisions

Lot Sizes
(In Acres)
Lot Prices

Starting Home Values

Arroyo View Subdivision
 Off Harvey Rd E of Freeze Rd
1.18± $59k  $419k
High Plains Estates
 N of Middleton of Emmet Hwy, E on Shalako
8.0- 9.1 $175k- $299k $500k
High Vista
 N of County Line off Little Freezeout
5 $110- $230k  
Lansing Heights
 from Emmett Rd, E on Galloway, N on Gail
1.18- 2.3 $100k  
Northslope Estates 
 mile north of Highway 44 on the west side of Canyon Lane
 1.93    $475k
Pheasant Landing
 north side of Galloway Rd., approximately ¼ mile east of the intersection at Middleton Rd
1.5- 2.7     $425k
Sage Canyon
 Purple Sage & Blessinger
1.02- 2.71 $69k- $89k  
 Off Lansing, N of Hwy 44
1.87- 1.98 $109k- $124k  
Taylor Ridge
 old Hwy 30 N of Burger Lane
1 $59k- $89k  
View Ridge Estates  
 Blessinger and Foothill Rd
0.78- 0.96  $155k $399k 
Willow View Subdivision
 West side of Lansing Lane approximately ¾ mile north of Purple Sage
2- 2.59  $121k- $130k  
Crossfire Ranch
 Hartley Rd & Willis Rd
1.6- 2 $79k- $145k   
Fieldstone Subdivision
 west side of Hartley Lane, approximately ¼ mile south of Purple Sage  Rd
2 $160k   
Lakes at Telaga / New Castle Estates
 west side of Kingsbury Road approximately ½ mile north of Highway 44
Community Profile Available Pressurized Irrigation  Lots by Water  Community Walking Patrhs  Community Pool  Community Park  Fiber Optics
 0.50- 0.7    $569k
Rancho Vista
 Lansing Lane & Quail Ridge
 1- 1.6 $144k- $145k  
Willis Creek Estates
Off Willis Rd, W of Emmett Rd @ Willis Creek
1.7- 2.56 $100k- $125k  

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