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When you learn to become a home stager you will make many decisions.  One major decision is what services you provide.  If you provide home staging for vacant homes then you will likely create an inventory of furniture and accessories. 

At The Real Estate Home Staging School, we teach our students the value of Inventory Management.  Inventory Management allows a home stager to understand many things including, break even points, depreciation, and style management. 

Capturing pertinent purchase information and locations and time frames each item is used is crucial.  With this information in-hand, a home stager can  easily know when a certain purchase has become a profit generator or not.  If your style choice has been ineffective this will easily be seen. 

If you bought a very modern sofa for example, it's use may be limited in a traditional home vs. a loft or condo setting.  With a spreadsheet review you can easily see if that modern sofa has been utilized enough to warrant it's purchase.  Is it still a cost or is it generating cash flow. 

You may find many of your style decisions turn from cost to cash flow, while others do not.  This should guide your future inventory purchase decisions.

Learn this business analysis technique when you join us at The Real Estate Home Staging School.

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Ellen Dittman
Watson Realty Corp. - Middleburg, FL
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I am sure there is much more to this business of staging than I can imagine. Had not occured to me depreciation.

Jun 13, 2010 05:31 AM
The Real Estate Home Staging School
Your Home Staging Career IS our Business - Asheville, NC

Yes Ellen, we find many do not take inventory management into account.  Valuing your business requires asset management.


Thanks for your comment!


Jun 13, 2010 05:47 AM