Attracting Home Buyers in Fairfield County, CT through great first impressions

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First impressions are key in attracting home buyers in Fairfield County and selling your home. Why? - because positive first impressions will set you apart from other home sellers and invite lots and lots of potential buyers to look at your home. The more buyers are looking at your home, the better the chance you sell at your asking price and the shorter your home will sit on the market waiting for the right buyer in Connecticut to make an offer.

I like to focus on 3 first impressions a home seller should focus on:

Listing Pictures
The majority of home buyers are starting their search online. This makes your online listing pictures the most important first impression to attract buyers in Fairfield County. These pictures are the first impression a viewer will have of your home and therefore will determine if a buyer will consider viewing your home or if they simply clicking away to find the next listing. It is never good to have none or very few pictures on the listing, however, pictures that show an outdated, cluttered, or dark house, can just as well turn a buyer away.


  • De-clutter. Move all those little knick-knacks, personal items, books, and toys out of the picture. 
  • Clean, clean, clean
  • Get your list of "things to fix" done. Buyers tend to deduct their estimated cost of repairs from their offer price, which is usually much higher than the cost for you to fix it. 
  • Contact a local professional home stager. They know best what kind of lifestyle attracts the majority of home buyers in Fairfield County. Venka Interiors, as many stagers,  includes pictures in our service for you and your Realtor to use for marketing purposes. 





Curb Appeal
Now that the potential home buyer has decided to visit your house, after looking at your great listing pictures, they may decide to take a late evening ride during the week to check out some of the homes on their list and see what the neighborhood is like. You may not be able to influence your neighborhood appeal; however, you can make sure your house is the most impressive on the street! Curb appeal therefore is the second most important first impression to attract home buyers here in Fairfield County.

Which of the following homes intrigues you to go inside and see more?     





















...the first one, because just from the outside, it gives an impression of a warm, friendly home. The land scaping leads you directly to the front door and invites you in. So what can you do to create an inviting curb appeal.


  • Cut bushes and shrubs down to below the window line. A mix of trees, small bushes and smaller plants and flowers of different colors will give your home a bright feel and make it look larger
  • Add annuals or seasonal flower arrangements to give the home a brighter, fresh, and updated look. 


Your listing pictures are great and your curb appeal also made sure potential buyers decided to visit your home. Now you need to deliver what the pictures and outside of your home promised. Interested buyers are making their buying decision based on how they feel about your home. This first impression or feeling is made within the first 10 seconds of walking through the front door.
Just as the online pictures and the curb appeal invited potential buyers into your home; your entry way needs to invite them to see your entire home, from living room to bedrooms and yard.


  • Keep flow open to the house, do not block entry way with too much furniture.
  • Clean away shoes, bags or other personal items.


You cannot sell your home for the highest possible market price without making sure ALL these three first impressions are perfect. Forgetting about just one, you have made the decision to either accept a longer listing time, or accept a lower sales price. We are sure that this is not in your interest. in

A local professional home stager will give the objective view and experience to know what attracts buyers in Fairfield County, CT.   Once a buyer is emotionally connected they will be accepting your fair asking price and putting in an offer. 


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