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Give a Seller a Hug

Yesterday was Give a Seller a Hug Day.  I hosted an open house yesterday for an agent in my office.  It was the 2nd open house at this location in less than a month because the sellers need to sell; who else would list their house in this market if they didn't need to sell? 

I had a good turnout the 1st Sunday but no real interest.  Yesterday, I had 2 groups.  The 1st couple were shopping the competition.  They had their home listed with another agency & weren't happy with the price they were advised to list for.  I listened to their complaints without saying anything and then showed them around the house. As they compared their house to this house, I just listened.  They loved their home, too, but it was time to downsize; taxes are high and it's a lot of work to maintain an almost 4000 sq ft house.  As they were leaving, they asked if they could take one of my cards.

The 2nd 'group' consisted of a husband whose wife sent him out to preview the house.  They live in the same city I do and have the same concerns I would have about the school system had my girls not been on full scholarship to private boarding schools.  With a house to sell in this market, they weren't going to bid on this house anytime soon.

The seller came home just as I was packing up.  I gave her feedback and she just unloaded on me.  I could see the tears forming in her eyes as she spoke of the decisions that had landed her in this predicament.  She loved her home and didn't want to leave but she couldn't afford to keep it by herself and her partner wanted out.

In the end,  there wasn't anything I could say that would make her situation better. so I gave her a hug and left.


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