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Government Sources Regarding Loan Modifications, Shortsales and Foreclosures

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Government sources say to never pay for loan modifications up front. Compared to the previous year, this past year has seen 109.3 times as many complaints regarding loan modifications. That’s money that you and I have wasted by paying someone else to do that you can easily do yourself.  Besides, you still have to compile all the information the company needs.

Never Pay For Loan Mods Up FrontThat was the bad news. Now let me tell you the worst news: even if you get the loan modification that you want ... in 99.4% of the cases the government says you will still owe the same amount or more than you owed in the first place.  The banks are not in the business of giving gifts.   Please, don’t think that they are.  No matter what money is being given to the banks in the way of bailouts, this is not being passed on to you; read about their bonuses.

I will give you information on how to do your own loan modification. You pay nothing before, during or after.  What’s in for me, you might ask?  Whether you do or don’t get your loan modification, you are going to realize that you will be better off with a short sale.  You still never pay me a dime as the bank pays my fees. 

With a short sale you get rid of your debt, pay nothing and according to the government agencies (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), you can buy another house in less than two years and pay half as much for your new house as you owe for the one you now have and with lower interest rates.

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