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I was having one of those moments so please bear with me.  I was sitting in my office and thinking about Taos, where I live.  I just couldn't sit in the office a minute longer so I grabbed my camera and set out for a stroll around the Neighborhood.

I started my walk around the block at LeDoux Street.  I could barely go a step without seeing a beautiful sight.  I just kept stopping and peering over walls or at shop entry ways.  There is a great story about the magical light in Taos, and all I had to do was step out of my office to experience the phenomenon.  Artists abound in Taos and my little stroll reinforced the reason so many come to Taos.

I won't keep jabbering about the beauty and charm.  I will just let the photos speak the thousand words.

                                                        Can you guess where you are?

Start of my stroll

                                                             Loka Coffee shop corner of Ledoux

Corner of Ledoux and Placitas

                                                                       Wall Mural Taos

Wall Art downtown neighborhood Taos

                                                                 Ledoux Wildlife

Wild life Ledoux Street Taos

                                                                   Garden at the Harwood

courtyard Harwood Museum

                                                                 a must see Photography gallery

Amazing galeries on Ledoux St.

                                                                       Gallery next to my office

Gallery next to my office

                                                                Welcome Home:  my office porch

My office in Taos, New Mexico


Hope you enjoyed the stroll as much as I did.  Blue sky, fresh air and beauty all in Taos, New Mexico.



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Ginny Gorman
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Page, what a beautiful area & i'm sad to say i've never been to Taos...great way to highlight your area with the picture stroll..thanks for the look

Jun 15, 2010 12:08 PM