If you had to start the RE industry over, how would you charge for services?

Real Estate Agent with Cupertino, CA

I always wondered why ours is the only major multi-billion dollar professional industry that charges commission? Can you imagine if a doctor charged you only when you were cured, or operation 100% successful? Or if an attorney charged you only if you win your case? Or a CPA charged you only if you get an IRS refund?

How would you setup the fees for services?

Right off I would charge sellers for CMA's, listing on MLS, etc. I would charge buyers a retainer fee before signing a buyer's contract. I would charge a per house visit for each one shown. I can think of dozens of other fees that we could collect for a variety of other services.

If we all get together and setup this type of system and, lets say Jan.1,2011 we all started to do it, sellers/buyers would have no choice. What a pipe dream! No way we all would agree to this.

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