Leaking Shower Pans - Second Floor Bathrooms May Be Tricky

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Shower pans, especially when they are on the second floor, may leak eventually. Leaking water is never a good sign, and it must be repaired immediately. You may need to repair or replace your shower pan if there is water leaking into a room below, you have noticed discolored linoleum, or have moldy or missing grout in your shower area. Schuelke Plumbing can make these repairs to your shower quickly and easily.

The grout in shower pans is not waterproof, unless an epoxy grout has been used. Water leaks through the grout to the shower pan liner below, and can then flow down the liner to the shower drain. Over a period of time, the water seeping through the grout can cause deterioration, allowing it to crack and crumble. The climate in the Los Angeles area may also intensify the situation. The special waterproof membrane used in second floor bathrooms may get a hole in it, could have been installed incorrectly, or has separated from the pipe over time.

Many times our plumbers can simply repair the leaking shower pan without having to remove it. We can also use permanent caulking to prevent a leaky shower pan in the future.

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