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An Experience in Expectations Exceeded

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An Experience in Expectations Exceeded

There are days when the stars align, the breeze is fresh, people smile and the world seems to rotate a bit slower. Cherish those day, great ideas, a sense of mental relaxation and a unique perspective is attained. An enlightenment of sorts.

Last week while on a routine excursion to the grocery store I had an encounter where all of my expectations were exceeded. Everything about the time I spent at the grocery store was an above average experience. Let me explain a bit.

My daughter and I went to the local Publix Grocery that is managed by Kenny Koerner (7320 Broad River Rd Irmo, SC 29063) store to stock up on some needed items. Upon driving in the parking lot, I noticed a unique thing. No grocery carts were out of place. There were no carts wandering around the back of the parking lot, in the flower beds or even in the designated cart spaces. The fresh pine straw and colorful flowers were inviting. In short, the curb appeal was outstanding!

We proceeded to go into the store and were immediately engaged by the butcher that was near the front of the store. "Well hello beautiful!" he said to my daughter. Smiling and cheerful he struck up a conversation with us and within 2 minutes we were calling him "Alligator Bob" and laughing at his unique stories. Asking if he could be any assistance we continued our shopping experience.

While looking at cakes at the bakery I was asked if I needed help. This is nothing unusual but within 30 seconds of my stock response "No, I'm just browsing." the baker engaged me by asking what type of cake I needed and if it was for a special occassion. Please note, I was looking for a birthday cake for my son. During our talk another lady "A Party Planner" came over and began talking with me as well! Imagine having two kind people help me find a birthday cake for my son! Talk about customer service kicked into high gear! Following their suggestion, I settled on a chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Upon leaving the bakery we began piling the shopping cart full of our usual supplies necessary for living. During our path up and down the aisle's I passed three people stocking shelves and each and every person looked me in the eye and asked, "Is there anything I can assist you with today?" or "Are you finding what you need? Let me know if I can help." Their questions were not automated, I genuinely felt like they wanted to help me find what I wanted or needed.

After our buggy was piled high with drinks, cake, burgers and the other sundry items we proceeded to an empty checkout line. When we started unloading the cart, a young man walked up and started to help unload the groceries? Seriously! In 36 years of going to grocery stores I have never had anyone help me unload my cart! What a unique and helpful experience. Once we finished unloading the cart, he stayed and bagged all of the groceries, loaded the cart and tried to take them to my car. At that point, I was overwhelmed with the exceptional service and uncompromising friendliness I experienced! I politely told him I was able to handle my cart from there but I appreciated his offer.

Once I got into our vehicle, I looked at my smiling daughter and realized I enjoyed my time at the grocery store! It was an experience that, if used properly, can be an exceptional lesson for my business. Do my clients have their expectations exceeded? Am I going the extra step to "empty the cart" for my clients? Is the culture in our office one that enables our agents to be engaged with our clients and exceed their expectations? Aboslutely! We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients, it is refreshing to see other companies doing the same!

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