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Think about what July 4th means- what it is we celebrate.  Yes, July 4th is a great family day of get togethers and bar b ques, parades, fireworks,  and brass bands playing marches and toe-tapping tunes.  We wear our red, white & blue- we wave and display our flags. For the most part, we take this day for granted- have we ever thought about the price that was paid for the freedoms we enjoy?

Would we  be willing to pay that price again if our country and way of life was threatened?  How many of us would step into danger for the sake of others as our Armed Forces do every day.  Do we even help our neighbor when in distress?

I know it's asking alot to put ourselves in danger unless it's for one of our loved ones- but the question needs to be asked and each of us should know our answer- FREEDOM IS NOT FREE- how willing are we to pay the price? 

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