Home for Sale 6155 King Rd Boonsboro MD 21713

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6155 King Rd Boonsboro MD 21713


     Can you take a minute and visualize a bit? Every work day, you get up and you drive to the city. It may be Baltimore or Rockville or Bethesda or Washington, DC. It might be one of those "complexes" out on the Dulles Toll Road. It is the city. It is the place that you go every work day. It is the home of the "pressure cooker" that includes your work environment.

    Where doesn't matter. It is the city. It is noise and pan handlers and rushing from here to there just to get through each work day. It is smog and horns honking and people with cell phones glued to their ear. It is blackberries and IPhones and IPads and all sorts of gizmos that fill the air with endless information and stress and hustle and bustle.

     You get a lunch break. You might grab a few minutes at the Inner Harbor or Town Center or one of the small parks around your office.  It is just lunch. And then you have to go back into the grind...the city. You spend five days a week, fifty or so weeks a year there. You are there chasing dreams, polishing schemes so you can earn a living.

     Shouldn't home be more than a pit stop in life? Shouldn't your off hours be spent where you can enjoy peace...and quiet?  Don't you deserve something better than a condo near the red line or a cookie cutter home in a sub-division full of other cookie cutter homes?


     If you act quickly, you might be in time to purchase this wonderful four bedroom, 2 full bath farmhouse that is situated on one acre of land in Boonsboro, Maryland. I will not bother to hide the fact that you might have to drive 30 minutes more than you have been driving. I will say that one hour a day tacked onto that city existence is a small effort to make to find peace...and quiet.

     Now, before you poo poo the idea because Boonsboro sounds like it is a gazillion miles from everywhere, let me share some facts. The Boonsboro Schools are reputed to be the finest in Washington County. The roads are paved and they can lead you to some very nice spots in short order.

Prime Outlets in Hagerstown is right up the road.

White water rafting is a hop, skip and a jump down the road.

Harpers Ferry's Historic Park is just over the hill

     You see, at the end of the day and at the end of your work week, home just has to be more than a place where you rest your head. Come visit this property. See for yourself. It may seem like a pipe dream today, but if you nudge yourself just a bit, you might make the decision to enjoy life and reward yourself for the effort you put into every day.

     For more information on this property, give me a call at 301-509-5111. I will be glad to make arrangements to take you on a tour. I love the area and think you deserve the chance to love it too.

     Did I mention that home falls in the USDA Loan area (you know, those zero money down loans)? Oh, the USDA will have funding again shortly. Hurry, it won't last.