Don't Forget to Take Time to Stop & Smell the Roses

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Don't Forget to Stop to Smell
the Roses--My dad has told me this at least
a hundred times

Of course I don't know who first said it-but we have all heard this important tip. I only know that my dad tries to get me to take some much needed breaks from work.

I guess it has sunk in to a certain extent, as that was a big  part of the reason why I decided to do and then to write about creating my Special Summer Place with my Container Garden.

I do love taking my breaks out there, and it is one way of getting me out of the office for a few minutes at a  time at least.

When I did this article, I also made a couple of videos of the hummingbirds feeding.  But, I am having computer problems, (as usual)  and couldn't get either video to import into Movie Maker, so finally I just got a great Hummingbird video from You Tube for your viewing pleasure.

It's wonderful. Actually it is much better than either of mine, as I don't have that many hummingbirds at once.

So, here it is if you would like to watch it. 

Maybe you need to stop and smell the roses too.

Please let me know what you think.  You may comment right on the site if you wish.

One thing I noticed when reviewing this, is that all my plants have really grown, and it has only been a few weeks since putting this all together. 

That was a surprise.

I hope you are having a fantastic day,


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