Alligator Garden Enhancer - WARNING - Adventures may ensue

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Does your landscape generate curiosity or reflect a degree of care in its preparation. Our family friendly alligator garden was designed by Jeanette Chacon and serves as a conversation piece. " I'd invite you out into our garden but let me see if the alligator is sleeping ". Young and old can appreciate the creativity and detail of the alligator plant holder. Take a good look at the paver stones used and the angles at which they are placed and fit together. I remember growing up and passing by a home on the side of a frequented highway that we referred to as "the dinosaur house". I can still remember the impact of catching a glimpse of the lifesize dinosaurs in the back yard and I feel the same way about the alligator garden at Arizona Skyline Assisted Living Home in Benson Arizona.  What makes an environment unique is the ability of the landscaper to turn it into an experience. I truly believe we have transformed our backyard courtyard into such an experience. It does take time, money and the willingness to try something new. If you enjoy being outdoors then consider turning your backyard into an adventure.

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