Has anyone tried or heard about http://market2buyers.com/ ???

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I run across their site yesterday and later did a web tour of their site with a presentation and tought this could be an AMAZING software to have (I think it runs on their servers).

 I really like the presentation but as with all new technology products, you always have to be careful not to be the first one.

I would like to know if anyone here heard about this company, this software or if they know someone who is using it.



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Joe Manausa
Joe Manausa Real Estate - Tallahassee, FL
Tallahassee Real Estate
Lipe, I have not heard of them, but thanks to your post and link, I'll check them out. Lots of stuff out there to review.
Aug 09, 2007 11:28 PM
Lipe Medeiros
www.thesofigroup.com - Douglas Elliman Real Estate - Miami Beach, FL
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Hi Joe,

I have to say that the "Lead Incubator" software seems to make a lot of sense for me. It mentions that leads need to be incubated for several months (up to 18), with a set pre-organized actions that will let drip email campaigns, snail mail, alert you of phone calls and etc...(Nothing new here, we need to take care of the customers and this have been around in other softwares).

In my business I have been incubating and winning customers and friends for some time now. Not that I am not aggressive to close the sale immediately, but I love the concept of "the lifetime value of the customer". Since I deal with the high-end market in South Beach I found that most wealthy people made their money because they are "very good" (and smart too) at what they do (that's why they got successful) and I have a very "open" and "honest approach with them.

In the last 1 1/2 years I have told several of my clients NOT to buy real estate here (it takes guts! and a good read on them) I felt they had the money and are real buyers, but they wanted a "fair deal" and were not READY for an immediate buy, but I felt in the long run they were "REAL BUYERS".

It was hard to know then if the prices were going to drop like people have being saying for a long time. They were looking to buy with me and sometimes with one or two other brokers (yes, where is the loyalty in this profession??? and many people go to Realtor.com or other sites and contact the listing agent directly thinking they would save some money), but I felt I was the only one that was being honest enough and saying..."Don't buy here, don't buy now...rent for one more year...the market is going to change...etc". This approach gained trust towards me and several of these people said that they loved my honesty and that every other agent in Miami (The gazilions of them) were always trying to sell them, while I was giving them honest advice. 

I constantly email or call my clients to tell them about the market, I SEND THEM ARTICLES FOR THEM TO READ (even when it is a bad article for Miami), but it would be SO great if I could know exactly what properties they are looking, how many time, what have they saved and so on so that I can take the right action at the right time and in the meantime just keep on "connecting" with them with an automated system. The Idea here is great! 

 What I absolutely loved in the concept of this software is that once you input your leads or when they sign up themselves, the system will keep on analyzing the lead interaction on your site. Things like how many properties they are viewing this week, which ones are them, for how much time they viewed a certain property, which ones they saved...and based on that, the software has algorithms that will them suggest the right timing and action to take to that client.

Other great things were the ability to input price ranges and a location (great for my business) setting on the back end of the system and to copy (and modify) the settings from client to client (and also allow them the control of the setting, giving clients control of their experience, saving a lot of time if you end up having a lot of leads.
I know I am sounding like I work for them...but I have been researching something like this for a while and somehow I feel that if they have this product figured out, this could be nice.

I will be contacting them and see if there is any trial period, if one is available I will try and share my experience on active rain.


Aug 10, 2007 06:11 AM