Matthew Ferrara Learning Network Launch- Free Daily WebTV broadcasts!

Education & Training with Matthew Ferrara & Company

Methuen, MA (June 17, 2010) – Matthew Ferrara & Company today announced the plans for launching its new, revolutionary online platform, the “Matthew Ferrara Learning Network,” during the week of June 28th, 2010. The week-long, grand opening celebration will feature free daily WebTV broadcasts that focus on today’s top real estate issues, trends and topics.

The Matthew Ferrara Learning Network is a subscription-based, online TV broadcast network that delivers comprehensive business and technology training services to real estate professionals and companies.


The learning network is comprised of four online TV channels – Matt [Live], “TechTV Channel”, “Social Media TV” and the “Matt TV Channel.”  Together, these channels deliver live interactive presentations, weekly TV shows, special news reports and over 150 instructional training videos for social networking, technology, marketing and business management practices.  Individual and company membership subscriptions will be available.


“This is, by far, the largest initiative in the history of our company,” said Matthew Ferrara, CEO and President.


“We have been developing hundreds of videos and preparing for our live TV broadcasts for over a year. We believe that online video training – including live events and on-demand video – is a popular choice among agents and a cost-effective option for companies to provide quality education and training.”


During the week of June 28th, real estate professionals and organizations can join Matthew Ferrara & Company to celebrate the grand opening and enjoy free WebTV broadcasts from the learning network. The free, live WebTV broadcasts are thirty minutes each and feature:

§  Monday June 28, 12:00 pm/EST – “Secrets of Social Networking “

§  Tuesday, June 29, 11:00 am/EST – “ Video Marketing Power Tips”

§  Wednesday, June 30, 2:00 pm EST – “Working with Gen X Consumers”

§  Thursday,  July 1, 12:00 pm/EST –  “Recruiting the Next Generation of Agents”

§  Friday , July 2, 12:00 pm/ EST – “Social Networking Tips and Tricks”


To attend a live session, viewers can visit and register to receive access to our broadcast website.  Once registered, users will have access to all the live, WebTV broadcasts during the week of June 28th.   The recorded sessions will be later hosted on the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network for members.


During the grand opening, the Matthew Ferrara Learning Network will also host a special “two-week only” 25% discount. Please visit to learn more about the promotion.

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