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LGI Homes and its approved lenders have made available to our customers various grant programs that help with down payment.  Qualified customers can receive up to $10,000 in down payment money from the State of Texas.   Please call any LGI Homes sales office for details. 

LGI Homes continues to be the industry leader in the entry level home market.  LGI Homes currently builds new homes in San Antonio, Fort Worth and Houston. 

For more information on LGI Homes, please visit www.lgihomes.com, www.lgihomesblog.com, www.workforlgihomes.com, or www.lgihomes.tv  

This weekend LGI Homes is offering interest rates below 5%.   Please call any LGI Homes office for details.  

LGI Homes was recently named the 57th largest home builder in the United States.   LGI Homes has recently opened up a new office in Fort Worth called Chisholm Springs. 




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