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I wake up in the morning with a new blank page in front of me.  From the moment I open my eyes... I start writing.  My hopes, my dreams, my feelings, my thoughts and my actions all get jotted down on the pages as I move along.... creating my own unique book.

Most times, the pages get filled without me even thinking of where the story is leading, however, there are times, that I try to write my own story.  I try to act as the director and lead it into a direction that I want it to go... thinking ahead to the next chapter.  I think about this chapter often and I think how much I look forward to finally writting enough... and turning the page.  The plot unfolds smoothly... writing my heart out.  Putting all of my emotions into the plot.  Allowing myself to be consumed by the thought of that next chapter.  Looking foward to it.... planning for it..... connecting with it.... letting the thought of it touch my heart.

Then I hit that moment.  I reach the scene in the story where a chapter comes to an end and the next one is about to unfold.  My heart beats faster, I turn the page and I continue writing.

Life can be unpredictable and the characters in the story don't always allow you to write the story as you expect it to be written.  Our stories intertwine with other stories and are influenced by the direction that these other stories take.  As my hopes, dreams, feelings, thoughts and actions affect how things are written on my pages, others have their own hopes, dreams, feelings, thoughts and actions that affect how their stories unfold and get intertwined.

The next chapter turns out differently.  It seemes momentarily lost and I get confused as to how it is possible that the chapter is different.  But I know that I am connected to my chapter and luckily my long story hasn't come to an end yet.  My book continues to get written.  There are still so many more chapters ahead.  And I do expect to find those missing chapters in those pages.

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