Buyer's Repair List- How Much Is To Much??

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When working with sellers the question always comes up when we recieve an offer. How much will I need to pay for any needed repairs? Sure the contract says $1,000 but what if it costs me $1,200, can I just stop when I have spent $1,000? Well, I guess you can, legally, BUT please ask yourself the question, is it worth loosing a deal over? NEVER. I understand that some buyers give the sellers a list a mile long and don't really care how much was put in the contract, we get that. I think all parties need to be reasonable for sure, but in today's buyers market, sellers really need to do whatever they can within reason to make the buyers happy and get it closed !! I know, I know- but the contract says... We get it, but it is never worth it to lose a deal over a few hundred dollars. If the buyer walks you will need to disclose any issues with the home and the next buyer will ask for the repairs to be done. So... within reason, Fix the stuff !     

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Hi Mike and Belinda,

Thank you for that excellent and very wise post. I remember having a major issue over light bulbs!!  Can you believe it? Neither side would budge so I just went and bought the damn things myself. LOL


Jun 21, 2010 12:16 PM