Fiddling while Rome burns.

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Fiddling while Rome burns I think that most people, when you get right down to it, know how to improve their lives without having to read a thousand books or attend dozens of seminars.

It's not knowledge we lack that causes us to be complacent and unsuccessful in some pursuit.  It's the lack of intestinal fortitude. Guts. Balls. Whatever else you want to call it.  It's having the will to just move in some direction and be persistent about putting one foot in front of the other.

We often act like Nero, fiddling while watching Rome burn.  Oblivious to the circumstances around us that prevent us from improving some area of our lives that needs improvement.

Wanna lose weight? Stop eating crap and start working out.  Burn more calories than you consume.

Wanna get rich? Stop overspending and live modestly while saving at least 20% of every dime you make.

Wanna learn a foreign language? Stop watching so much TV and spend two hours a day studying the language of your choice.

Wanna play the guitar? Stop playing Wii and spend two hours a day practicing the guitar.

Wanna stop smoking? Stop smoking.

Put down your fiddle (whatever your fiddle may be) and go put out your fire (whatever your fire may be).

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Roger D. Mucci
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Todd, excellent post..............I agree with you 100%.  Very well said.................lack of intestinal fortitude...........never heard that one before, might have to steal it from you.

Make it a great day, you made me smile this morning.

Jun 22, 2010 12:58 AM