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Great Marketing Opportunity...Send Out Cards!

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...and now at last you can send an individual card and even add a gift!


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Original content by Pam Orzan Broker, Owner SL-60697258

Great Marketing Opportunity...Send Out Cards!

With so many options for marketing yourself, many agents turn to the internet. The internet is a great cost effective way to stay in touch, but to add that extra level of personalized marketing you can really rise above the rest.

I came across Send Out Cards about a year ago. What a great idea for the many Realtors who do not have a personalized contact system in place. With one click of your mouse you can send a personalized greeting card and a gift to your customers and business contacts which in turn can increase your referral sources and propel your business. It's a cost effective...and easy way to stay in touch in a personal way.

For more information contact Joanie Shagrin at 561 213 6613.





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