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Being A Neutral 3rd Party Hurts Sometimes

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An agent comes in and gives me a purchase with 7 counter offers. The Seller is a recluse that hasn't worked in 5 years and is losing his family home. The buyer is a smug engineer thinking he knows more about my business then I do. (These type of people bug me!) During the course of this transaction I found out that the house was a shambles, the seller had lots of "stuff" and the buyer "money bags" was poor mouthing. On 3 of the 7 counters dealt with nothing but the price. It went from 425,000 to 417,500. While in transation the the buyer said that the seller had to replace the windows, do a termite, retrofit. And I have instructions stating that its being sold "AS IS". So I paused and stated that I have signed instructions from both parties. The buyers agent the seller and their agent were in my office and the buyer was able to squeeze another 17,500 out of the seller for the costs.. The buyer did a walk through the day before we close. While they were not pleased everything looked in order.. Ok so I closed and then the Seller had 3 days to move after. Well 5 days later, stuff being broken, seller leaving things, drug paraphinalia and an abandoned car were in the wake after the seller had vacated.. While I do feel bad for the buyer.. SERVES HIM RIGHT!

There is alot more that happened in this transaction but what transaction actually runs text book. =)

OH! I forgot to tell ya, the listing agent, in the middle of this, went to China for 6 weeks, and the selling agent's mom passed away.. The seller was completely without representation and the buyers well, I still think they got what they deserve!!

I wanna know is this normal with other officers and even agents, have you ever had to just go threw the motions cause you know the client is an "ass".

This is your area to sorta vent to others that understand.


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Wow that sounds like it was a fun escrow.  Sometimes those just don't seem worth the fee that we get for all of that work.  I can definitely sympathize with Buyers who think they know everything.  It's one of those to where at the end of the escrow, you need to take a deep breathe and go to the next one.  Glad you got through it!
Aug 13, 2007 10:34 AM