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"My Brand and Online Image"
This is the first main chapter in the Soci@l Media Book being offered by Ben Kinney and Jay Papasan.
((This is my Review and Look at this chapter based off reading and attending the Class!))

Basically this chapter is a look at how to use the Social Media Tools in conjunction with how you interact in daily life. The biggest question is "Does your facebook page reflect who you are?" Therefore, how can we use these social media outlets to reflect how potential clients can see us!

We build client relationships, therefore 70% of consumers will use the same Realtor they had used before based off their relationship. ""We work with who we know"" That is the number one rule in this business!


Basically look at it this way, an example presented to us in Charlotte:
    You are at a Cocktail event-- Will you walk in the door and announce "I have a house for sale, who wants to buy it?" Or as you are mingling with past clients will you announce: "I have just added a pretend goat to that pretend farm over there."
 --> Hopefully you announced NO to both of these scenarios! We want our Social Media sites to reflect who we are offline just as we are online! We need to show professionalism in all of our activities!


If you must separate your Personal Pictures from your Business! No Realtor should be having pictures online or status updates about "How Drunk they were Last Night!" Your potential clients live on your site! If you want something to be a bit fun, use witty comments (Ex: My Facebook Page ). It is geared towards anyone but my friends still get witty and funny status updates that will not offend anyone! Now for the professional side I've included a Facebook Fan Page that is geared just towards Real Estate and nothing else (ex: My Facebook Fan Page).

Basically, know who you are targeting too... Be professional both Online and Offline....Know that you can be picking up potential clients online... and Realize that Everyone is Facebooking, so they will try to find you!





This blog post is a review of Soci@l: Attract Friends, Followers and Connections to Your Business. Soci@l is a free download written by Ben Kinney in conjunction with ActiveRain and Jay Papasan. In exchange for downloading the free copy of Soci@l and writing this review, I have a chance to win a free iPad and I'm getting 2000 ActiveRain points.

Download a free copy of Social here and find out how you can have a chance to win an iPad and be guaranteed 2000 ActiveRain points.



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