Trenchless Sewer Repairs and Replacements - Encino Plumbers Say It Just Makes Sense

Home Builder with Schuelke Plumbing

Do you need to have work done to your sewer pipes? Trenchless sewer repair just makes sense. When you need to replace your sewer the last thing you want to do is to also have to replace your entire front yard, landscaping, and driveway. This is the case with traditional sewer repairs and replacement, where the plumbers must did up everything in order to do the work.

At Schuelke Plumbing we use a method called trenchless sewer repair. This ensures that your yard and driveway will stay intact during the process of installing the new sewer lines and sewer system. Our experienced plumbers and technicians have been doing this type of work for many years, with hundreds of satisfied clients as a result.

This is how it all works. We dig an insertion and retrieval pit first. Then the trenchless bursting head is inserted into the old sewer pipe. A heavy cable is then used to push through the pipe from the retrieval pit. A special hydraulic ram is then attached to the cable, pulling the bursting head through the old pipe. Simultanoeusly, new polyethylene pipe is pulled along with the bursting head. Every 20 feet we fuse the pipe together with another tool, providing a continuous seamless sewer connection. Fewer connections mean there will be fewer potential failure points.

Schuelke Plumbing can do this trenchless sewer repair work in a fraction of the time it used to take using the previous type of sewer repair. Call us today so that we can take a look at your sewer and other plumbing situations.

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