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New Recording Fees and Procedures in Wisconsin

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New changes are to take effect later this month regarding recording fees in Wisconsin. It does not matter how many pages a person will need to record with the real estate documents because on June 25,2010 there will be a flat rate of $30 for the County Register of Deeds when beforehand the fee was determined by the document pages. This rate brings relief to a lot of people and with good reasons as to why.

The standard way recording has been handled is that a person would put in the first page and would have to pay a fee of $11 and then the next page would be $2 and the same for other extra pages. With this type of structure it was difficult to have a quote that was exactly right before the closing so that means both the realtors and lenders can take advantage of this new set up by being able to record the fees and give a quote. People will not be really paying much extra but it can help them out by knowing the quote ahead of time instead of having to wait.

When social security numbers need to be removed from any of the public documents or all of them then the person would have to pay $5 for the removal. If the Social Security numbers have been redacted successfully, or if the DOA provided any kind of extension with time up to January 1, 2012 or January 1, 2015 then the individual might have to pay $25 in order to get everything accomplished.

Whenever there has been errors with any of the documents then the Affidavits of Correction can sign those documents of they need to be changed and the mistakes fixed. They have been correcting mistakes for a very long time but this new law actually gives them the authorization to use them when needing the documents signed. This rule also includes any errors that might have been done on deeds or mortgages.