How to connect with your client 100!!

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Many of us got into this business because we like the human side of our business.  We like to the handshake with the businessman, the hugs and the kisses once we get to know them even better. And many times, we end up getting to be very close to our client. In so many cases, I got so close to my client, I got to be their financial advisor. The first rule is listening. It is not about you, it is all about your client. Unless you share something in common, then you may share your experience with your client. I know you are not their psychologist and not their confident, but in order to sell this home, you have to find out why they are selling their home? where are they going? and when you find out where they are going, you may end up helping them buy their new home.

So the first rule of connecting with your client is to listen, listen and then listen.

That is why we have two ears and one mouth!!!



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