Join me Alicia Ale in Key Biscayne on June 26 in support to hand across the sand and stop offshore drilling

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Hands across the sand

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Yes, Join me my kids and family with Hands Across the Sand, a movement made of people just like you and me (non political) in an effort to protect our beaches, oceans marine life and fishing industry.  Its a beautiful peaceful event and very powerful specially for those just like me and my family that have a passion for protecting the environment and animal life, this is our chance to show the support its needed Say NO to offshore drilling and say YES to clean energy alternatives. We must get together as a unified voice against this massive environmental disaster and send a clear message to our government that we DO care!

Let's face the facts the oil spill could potentially affect us as it reaches our beaches in Key Biscayne and all of Miami Beach we must show support and awareness on this issue.

We are living in an era were the earth is changing, it was reported not too long ago by Nasa that the earth axis moved after the earthquake in Chile this year, massive hurricanes, floods, the earth is sick, its rebellious against all our bad influence just like Al Gore clearly showed in his global warming movie "An inconvenient truth" we most move on to a new human chapter, protect the earth be generous to our mother nature give back in finding a way to clean energy solutions, we can co-exist in a perfect balance with our ecosystem, we must act now before its too late, or is it too late already? Do we have time to redeem ourselves? Let's give it try feel good inside, let's support this cause I see you in Key Biscayne today June 26 for one of the most powerful events ever done against off shore drilling!

This is a peaceful demostration not like the one done against BP on New Orleans. Just wear black and meet us in the Dog Beach in Key Biscayne at 11 to 12pm for 15 minutes all participants will be holding hands.

Sponsors of Hands across the sand are among others: Ocean Conservancy, Green Peace, clean, enviroment america, friends of the earth and many local organizations

See you there!

Alicia Ale and the kids

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Good idea and thoughts.  California is stopping offshore drilling and we are delighted.  All the best with this event!

Jun 26, 2010 02:58 AM
Malcolm Johnston
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Alicia, good for you for finding a way to voice your displeasure at this situation. Too many people grumble and remain silent.

Jun 26, 2010 03:05 AM
Alicia Ale
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It was great! i went with my kids all dressed in black we gathered in the Key Biscayne Beach and held hands, the line stretched with over 100 people we were so excited to see the support we got, also kids came with banners with drawings of save the whales, manatees and dolphins, its was very emotional to see their involvement, i was Reading on the Discover magazine that Australian scientists recently discovered that the whale excrement fertilizes plankton helping to keep CO2 out of the atmosphere. Come on, whales are saving us with clear air and what are we doing? This must stop and the more involved we are the more we can do together to make a difference in a positive way to us and to our generations to come. I appreciate your comments. My camera malfunction could you beleive that? otherwise i should have share so photos with you. Maybe next time

Jun 28, 2010 03:13 AM