Gulf Oil Spill - Setting the Record Straight.

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I decided to write this blog post in an effort to provide its readers with some solid, "boots-on-the-ground", information concerning where oil is, and is not, in the Gulf states.  I will begin by telling everyone that it is unequivocally NOT IN SARASOTA or Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, or anywhere else in Central or Southwest Florida. 

The national news media simply states that there is oil in "Florida".  This is a generic term...we are a reasonably large state and I feel that it is irresponsible reporting that continues to hurt the great people of our state.  I wish that I did not even have to blog about this, but this is our reality.  Some northern areas of the Florida Panhandle have been affected, as has Louisiana and Alabama - I am deeply saddened by this and empathize with anyone who is having to live with this tragedy on their shores.  However, I find it of utmost importance to inform the uninformed.  My purpose?  To keep people visiting and relocating to our beautiful state!  I implore everyone out there who can blog to do the same.  If you have visited recently...tell your friends how beautiful it is here.  THIS IS A RSiesta Key beachECENT PICTURE OF SIESTA BEACH

There are no current computer models that put this thing on the southwestern gulf shores of Florida.  Can it happen?  Yes, but it is not likely.  I will not get into all of the negative things that I have to say about this whole mess, but we are hopeful that this will end soon so that we may limit the damage that is being caused to the Gulf's ecosystem.  I will keep everyone posted periodically on our area and call out to everyone who reads this and lives in Florida to do the same.

Southwest Florida, and all of Florida, is still a great place to live, rasie your family, and enjoy the waters.  Stay posted for more pics and updates!

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