Only 3 Home Staging Certification courses left in 2010

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  Only 3 Certified Home Staging Courses remain for 2010!       

Have you always dreamed of having a creative career where you could control your financial destiny while doing something you absolutely LOVE ???   Skycrest living  Sound too good to be true?  Well it's not!   Home Staging is just like being an interior designer but the beauty of it is.....   
 your clients NEED YOU to help sell their homes faster and for more money  while most people consider interior design a luxury.    AND..... Best of all - it only takes 40 hours to become certified!    Academy Designation What's it like being a Home Stager? Your goal as a Certified Home Stager is to design interiors that sell faster and for more money with strategic placement and design of furniture and accessories. Even without any previous design experience, at The Academy, you will learn hands-on and in the field all the skills needed to succeed in this fun and fastest growing segment of interior design. With 28 hours devoted to design education and 12 hours devoted to advanced business applications, you will be certified and ready to launch your new Home Staging Business in just one week.

Certified StudentsCheck out what you will learn at The Academy:

DAY 1: On the first day at the Academy, you will get an opportunity to express your career desires and goals. This will help me personally guide and assist you throughout the training with your goals in mind.
We will also discuss home staging tips, work on 2 accessory exercises and you will create a  style board.

DAY 2:
On the second day of the program, you will learn space planning and do a 6 part space planning exercise, learn step by step how to stage a room and then stage a live home utilizing what the homeowner already owns.

: On the third day, you will learn how to select paint colors and color theory. The furniture rep will come and talk about furniture rental and we out into the field and prepare a mock bid on a vacant home. The Academy is the only school in the nation to teach this home staging service out in the field.

Group of StudentsDAY 4
: On the fourth day, we review student choices for furniture selection for their vacant home and go over business plan essentials. We then go out in the field again and you will prepare a mock consultation report on a live home. This is a service where you will be giving the homeowner all the advice they need to know to stage the home themselves. We will role play and switch off between homeowner and stagers and compare everyone's ideas and solutions for the home. It is this type of training environment that most students realize the value of live, classroom instruction in which the students are participating in their own exercises and learning from everyone else's journey as well. The Academy is the only school in the nation to offer this mentoring style of hands on, step by step training and to teach this particular home staging service out in the field.

: The last day covers the rest of the business practicals including contracts, proposals, KathyandBrendaphone scripts, advertising, marketing and insurance - and I will teach you a little known insurance secret that even most established home stagers do not know that will likely save you a few thousand dollars every year.

At the end of your last day you will be a Certified Home Stager, having earned the coveted AHSC (Advanced Home Stager Certification) and ready in hand with your 30 day to start-up agenda and all the skills you will need to begin staging homes right away.

The next courses are: Valencia, CA (40 miles north of LAX)  July 26 - 30 and October 18 - 22. OR Newport Beach, CA September 20 - 24  Click here for more details about The Academy's one-of-a-kind training system:  please feel free to call me with any questions about my program, Kim Kapellusch Owner, Developer and Trainer 800.574.5576

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