Is Your Presentation Style Muggle Missionary or Swing From The Ceiling Style?

Real Estate Agent with Better Homes And Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene

Pink sings Glitter - Click To Watch and Listen.

Two things.

1.  Wedding voice with visuals, turns a mundane presentation, into a SwingFroThe CeilingPink style presentation.

I’m in love with, and in awe of these Cognitive Media people.

I’ve never seen anything like it, and I can’t imagine the creative genius it takes to create even one of their ScribingVisual Synthesis or Visual Communication pieces.  Or what it costs.  I’m looking forward to reading their, soon to be released, PDF, explaining the theories behind the how and what they do. If we follow their blog, we’ll know when it drops.  I hope they release one of their videos on the subject.  We’ll see.

Anyway, I believe this, no matter how majestic, interesting or compelling the message, watching the speaker/creator deliver it on video or in person is way more understood, and powerful, than simply reading it. Listening to the speaker deliver their message, while simultaneously watching a Cognitive Media Presentation, trumps anything I’ve ever seen.  The marriage of voice and visual, sends understanding, comprehension and brain waves, flame blue, lemon yellow and fire-engine red, sparking and arcing.

As individual real estate agents, we can’t afford to hire these creative geniuses to turn our marketing messages, presentations and value propositions into glittery Cognitive Media pieces (maybe a big broker could and should though), BUT, the take away is this:



Ken Brand

No worries Michael, that's the beauty of America, we all have our opinions.  I certainly don't believe I'm an authority, just sharing how I see it and what I think about.

Your're right, there's a lot going on in video, no doubt there are lots of people who prefer to focus on one thing at a time, that's sorta why I used the titile Muggle Missionary and Swing From The Ceiling.  Not everyone likes the unexpected surprise, although most do.  I certainly get that.  The video does have over 700,000 views, so apparently, people enjoy it enough to send it viral.  Generally speaking, including visuals that surprise, inform and deepen understanding are a good thing.  Conversely, if the presentation is what's expected, it's boring and considered by most to be mundan, average and ordinary, which doesn't win.

Also, so sorry about having people leap to another page.  I wasn't aware that the Active Rain community considers it bad behavior to embed links in our posts.  I thought that was pretty common practice and one of the awesome things about the internet.  The reason I have to send people to another site is because, although I wrote the content, I originally posted it at, so it would be wrong of me to copy the entire thing and post it here.  Hopefully plagerism is NOT an acceptable practice on Active Rain.  It isn't is it?  Also, I figured if someone wasn't really interested in what I had to say, instead of the difficult task of clicking on my link, they could click away.  Problem solved.

Cheers to you and your pooch Michael.


Jun 28, 2010 02:58 AM