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How to Stage a Child's Room When You Don't Have a Child

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How to stage a child's room when you don't have a child may sound like it would take an extreme effort. However, it is not as monumental a task as you  might think. Presenting your home to your target market just makes good sense. Putting a little thought and effort into it may make the difference in how quickly your home is snatched up by the buyer that sees potential in your home.

You don't see any snowcone stands in the dead of winter, because people are just not looking for that. However on a hot summer day, snowcones will be in demand and a savy saleperson can capitalize on that demand. The same holds true for selling homes. Your target market is important. If your home is in an area that appeals to families with children, then staging a child's room is a good marketing strategy.

The photo shown below belongs to an older couple whose children are grown and have moved into their own homes. They don't have any children's furniture, yet we created this imaginary child's room mostly with items they already had. In the before picture you can see the room is a meditation/yoga room. It perfectly fits the needs of the owner, however it is very taste specific. If a buyer were looking at this room, they might wonder if a twin bed would fit or if it would be too crowded for their children's needs. We took away that doubt by staging a room that would suit a child and showing the room in a way that better fits the target market.

Staging a child's room does not require a lot of furniture. In our example, we used a small table and chair to create a desk in the corner. A decorative table from another part of the house became a bedside table. The headboard is simply fabric stretched over canvas stretchers found at the craft store. The linens on the bed were on clearance or on sale for a very modest amount. What about the bed? It is simply two air mattresses stacked on top of each other. Some might argue that a "fake" bed is unacceptable, however I would argue that unless you sit on it, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. The purpose is not to accommodate an overnight guest, it is to show how this room might be used by a family with children.

We have definitely accomplished our goal here. We have staged a child's room where one did not exist before. Home staging is all about creating market ready homes. Aiming toward a target market is smart marketing.

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