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We have all done it.  Gone into Barnes and Noble or Books a Million and sat down and read a magazine or book.  Sometimes we have done it to kill some time before a movie.  Other times we had a specific magazine or book in mind.  But why buy the book when you can get your information FOR FREE?

Like so many things, you don't think about it until it affects you personally.

My husband owns a successful Guitar store here in the UPtown area of Columbus, GA called Gorilla Guitars . It has won several awards for their customer service and product sales.  They provide a wonderful atmosphere that people enjoy coming to, hanging out, and playing the instruments.  There staff is knowledgable because they are all musicians.  All the instructors in the lessons program have a degree.  The lessons program is top notch and the best you can get in this area for one on one learning.  But they struggle to keep the doors open because why buy when you can come down and play great guitars FOR FREE?

Can you be successful and not make any money?     ABSOLUTELY!

It depends on your definition of success.  If it is only about the money then in this economy I doubt if any of us will be successful.  But if it is about the service,  the the attitude of excellence, and helping others then in this economy we can all take our success story to the next level.

It is sad to think that during these difficult times some very successful businesses will close their doors and some great agents will look to get out of this business.  Because the services that made them so special and made people want to do business with them is PRICELESS but they need income to pay the bills and keep the doors open.

Next time you go into a store I hope you think about this.  If you have a favorite store that you like to go to then BUY SOMETHING.   This will help them to stay in business so they can continue to provide the PRICELESS services that make you happy.  We should do our part to keep businesses open and the money moving because in the end it affects us all.




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Amy Salisbury
Leading Edge Properties - Charles Town, WV
West Virginia Realtor/Jefferson/Berkeley

Charmaine, Book stores in my area are lucky in that I can't go in and NOT buy something!  But your point is well taken, and also includes Realtors.  It can be tough to discern the real buyers from the "Browsers"...

Jun 29, 2010 01:54 AM
Sam White
College Station, TX
Integrated Marketing - Bryan College Station,

Not only buy something, but buy something LOCAL. Keep your money in town! Have a great Tuesday!

Jun 29, 2010 01:54 AM
Charmaine Crabb
Columbus / Ft. Benning/Phenix City- Waddell Realty Co. LLC - Fort Benning, GA

Sam,  I grew up in a small town in Nebraska and my dad drilled that into our brains about buying locally.   Couldn't agree with you more.



I feel like I have been working with a bunch of browsers this year.  We learned a long time ago about weeding out browsers through pre qualification BUT now there is a new group called "renters" you want to help them and give them good service so they will use you when they buy but it is a risk and seems like it is a time waster.  That is where service comes in over income.


Jun 29, 2010 02:26 AM