If someone asked you: “Why do you live where you live?,” how would you answer the question?

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I think this a great post.  Growing up here in the Northwest, the scenic beauty I have as a back drop everyday would be one of my responses.  These are all great points to truly find out and uderstand what makes your area special, unique and interesting that would be appealing to someone outside your area.

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Greenville Street Park, Newnan GAWe all have our reasons for residing in our little “neck of the woods.” And the answers are as diverse as the life experiences of each resident.

There are a few that have lived in the same house all of there lives. Born and raised and producing new generations whose destinies are intertwined with that of their communities.

And there are others that want to remain near to family and dear friends, and they choose to remain close in both affection and proximity.

Others are relocated by their employers, and know very little about the region other than the fact that it offers them continued employment.

Some areas offer attractions that draw residents, such as being near the beach or national parks. These area offer unique lifestyle opportunities that cannot be duplicated in other parts of the country.

Excellent shopping in Newnan GAClimate can also play an important role in many decisions to move. There are as many micro-climates in North America as there are potential home buyers, as many desire warmer, cooler, wetter or dryer regions.

Local economies and levels of taxation are also a huge factor. Many local economies are still growing while others are shrinking, leaving the burden of taxation to an ever dwindling number of residents.

And finally, there are those that simply want a change of pace or something different from their current situation. They seek out communities that offer something of particular interest to them. Whether it be good schools, excellent shopping, recreation or transportation, they all have their reason to select a relocation destination.

So if someone were to pose the question: “Why do you live where you live,” what would be your response? How would you sell your community to them?

Because your answer could make the difference between a new neighbor or a lost opportunity!

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Erika Rogers
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I get asked this question all the time because a lot of the clients I work with are considering relocating to my area.  It's an easy answer, fabulous climate, no humidity, friendly people, low crime and easy access to some of the most breathtaking scenery and National/State parks in the country.

Jun 29, 2010 03:52 AM