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Don't get stuck in this marketing trap...Set your listings up for Success!

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Good logical advice! Thansk Kim.

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To some, this may seem like a 'duh' post, but I think it deserves some attention since I've seen many local agents getting stuck in this marketing trap.

So...you've got a new listing.  You're marketing it as much as you usually do and all of a sudden you have a seller asking you, 'Well, are you doing 'this and that' for marketing?'  'I want you to put the listing on these 20 websites, run an ad in this magazine and then hold an open house every weekend.'

Now, you've got to jump on it and start doing what they are telling you to otherwise you might lose the listing, or you will at least look bad in the process of telling them no.

I've seen many agents get themselves into this bad position.

Here's what I recommend:

Create a marketing plan that you include with every listing presentation (again, may seem pretty simple to most of you).  This includes a marketing plan based on the commission rate paid.

This enables you to tell the seller what you are going to be doing for your fee.  It sets the precedent.  That way, if they come back and start making all these outlandish requests 2 months in, you have something to go back to that was already agreed upon.  This could also be an interesting way to negotiate into a higher commission if the seller decides they want more services.

This basic procedure can help save you from a bad situation.  You don't have to tell a seller 'no' just because; you can tell them 'no' because your marketing plan was already agreed on.  This may save you the cost of some big expensive ad in a magazine that won't sell your clients home and probably won't get you any leads.

You're suppose to be the marketing expert when it comes to real estate.  Make sure you present yourself that way.  Don't let the seller start dictating expensive requests that lack ROI for both parties.

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